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  1. University of Maryland--College Park, Randomized Search and Optimization Algorithms, April 2011

  2. Pepperdine University, Randomized Search and Optimization Algorithms, April 2011

  3. Fullerton College, Randomized Search and Optimization Algorithms, January 2011

  4. Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms Conference "GECCO 2007" (London, UK), Homogeneous Genetic Algorithms (Poster), July 2007

  5. 8th International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching (Hradec Králové, Czech Republic), Using simulations on MATLAB® to help crack difficult mathematics problems , July 2007

  6. California State University-Long Beach, Colloquium talk titled: A Brief Survey of Genetic Algorithms, February 2007

  7. 1st KAIST International Symposium on Enhancing University Mathematics Teaching (Daejon, South Korea), Incorporating MATLAB® into University Mathematics Programs, May 2005

  8. American Mathematical Society Annual Meeting, Atlanta: MAA Session on Innovative Strategies for Mathematics Instructors, A Mulifaceted Introduction to Probability, January 2005

  9. The Summer Simulation Conference of the Society for Modeling Simulation International (San Jose), Minimizing Lost Time at Automobile Intersections, July 2004

  10. American Mathematical Society Annual Meeting, Baltimore: MAA Session on Linking Mathematics with Other Disciplines, Analysis of Traffic Flows at an Automobile Intersection Using MATLAB®, January 2003

  11. American Mathematical Society Annual Meeting, San Diego: MAA Session on Integrating Mathematics and Other Disciplines, Some Matrix Applications to Logistics of Air Shipping Using MATLAB®, January 2002

  12. American Mathematical Society Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.: Special Session in Geometric Analysis, Geometry of Hölder imbeddings, slices and quasiconformal equivalence, January 2000

  13. Academy of Science of the Czech Republic: Seminar Talk titled: Geometry of Hölder imbeddings, August 1999

  14. Freie Universität (Berlin, Germany): Colloquium Talk titled: Geometry and Poincaré imbeddings, July 1999
  15. University of Jyväskyä, Finland: Symposium talk titled: Sobolev Functions and Embeddings, August 1998

  16. University of Tromsø, Norway: Colloquium talk titled: Analytic and Geometric Properties of Poincaré Domains, June 1998

  17. St. Olaf College, Minnesota: Colloquium talk titled: Geometry of Poincaré Domains, June 1996

  18. Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic: Conference talk titled: Steiner Symmetrization and Sobolev Inequalities, June 1994

  19. University of South Florida, Tampa: Colloquium talk titled: Smoothness Properties of Sobolev Functions, August 1993

  20. Annual Congress of Nonlinear Analysis, Tampa, Florida: Conference talk titled: Approximation of Sobolev functions, July 1993

  21. Madison Symposium in Complex Analysis, University of Wisconsin: Conference talk titled: Arclength Formulas in Conformal Mapping, June 1991

  22. American Mathematical Sociey Annual Meeting, Louisville, Kentucky: Conference talk titled: Poincaré Domains in Euclidean Space, January 1990

  23. American Mathematical Sociey Annual Meeting, Tuscon, Arizona: Conference talk titled: Boundary Behavior in Conformal Mapping, January 1989